I met some knowledgeable and skilled Recruiters, Researchers, and Sourcers at Sourcecon

Well although Sourcecon (www.sourcecon1.com) ended last week I am still on a natural high from the excitement that happened and the knowledge shared/gained. Can’t wait for next year already! Leslie O’Connor masterfully put sourcecon together and made it happen very successfully. The event took place in Atlanta at the Buckhead Grand Hyatt.

Jim Stroud was a very entertaining event mc in kicking it off and introducing the speakers. Definitely Check out his website at www.jimstroud.com for some videos of the conference. Over the two days I was there, I gained strategic insights from the likes of Rob McIntosh to sourcing tricks and tips from master cybersleuth Shally Steckerl (www.jobmachine.net).

I really found it to be a great networking event too. I had the opportunity to finally meet some very knowledgeable and skilled researchers/sourcers in person. There are some real talented folks that attended this conference. Amybeth Hale (www.amybethhale.com) is a talent that comes to mind immediately as she was one of the speakers that shared her research, experience, and knowledge of what a researcher/sourcer really is…and isn’t! I also got to meet all 3 challengers in the grand master sourcing challenge – Jeremy Langhans, Mike Notaro, and Suzy Tonini. All 3 I could see are talented researchers/sourcing professionals that know how to work their magic.

That’s all for now as I just started this blog up late tonight and ready for bed. Interesting thought to share as I close this blog for today is that I live for sourcing, the hunt, and finding the best particular talent.

Take Care and I truly wish everyone reading this the very best in everything you accomplish and do!!!

-Dan Harris


dharris [at] verisign [dot] com

My full bio – http://www.linkedin.com/in/dandharris


3 Responses to “I met some knowledgeable and skilled Recruiters, Researchers, and Sourcers at Sourcecon”

  1. Jeremy Langhans Says:


    Glad you got started… looking forward to your posts & hearing about the latest in Sourcing websites, tools, tricks, and tips!

    Jeremy Langhans

  2. Shally Says:

    Its good to see you blogging old friend!

  3. Amybeth Says:

    Dan, your enthusiasm was and continues to be quite contageous 🙂 It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and talk with you at SourceCon! Like Jeremy, I am looking forward to your writings in the coming days, weeks, and months!

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