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Company Intelligence (Part 1 of 2)

October 21, 2007

Here is a great informational website that I find can help you research information on companies, technology, people and more:

Explore some of the links as they may give you more insight into targeting of company, technologies, people, or even the direction that a company might be focusing on through reading articles and reports.

My next post I will include links of websites that cover company internal rumors and employee insights & perspectives  into what is going on within their respective companies.

Until next Time…Take Care and truly wishing all my readers the very best in everything you accomplish and do!!!!!

-Dan Harris


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Having the inside track

October 8, 2007
I like this linksv site just as much as hoovers as it gives good stuff on Silicon Valley based companies. Type in Symantec (one of our competitors, for example) and you can see its partners, customers, investors, even companies its acquired!! Additionally, you can see rounds of financing, its mgmt, its financials, its news/press releases and more. It even has a link to find people within the company on linkedin ( ,on jigsaw (, and check out the visual groupscope map. I’ve liked this site since its been in beta way back in early 2005. I think its very cool- check it out!

Speaking of checking things out in beta….A quick extra bonus I would like to share on getting beta invites to those new web 2.0 startup websites (from search engines to those cool new social networking sites? One of my secrets has been using inviteshare (

Until Next Time…Wishing all my readers the very best in everything you accomplish and do!!!!!



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I will be updating this once a week!

October 8, 2007

Good Monday Morning! I will be updating my site once a week.¬† I thought I would be able to make time to post a new site/tool/technique a day, but it just doesn’t always work out to my schedule and what’s going on in my life (especially these last couple of weeks!).
I will be attempting to update my blog with something new to help you this evening!

Until then…All The Best!


Visualize the Connections

October 4, 2007

Check out Amybeth Hale’s website. She introduces a neat little tool called touchgraph. One of the biggest things I love to do in sourcing research is “playing off the names” I find/identify. This looks like one tool that can easily let me visualize and see connections or to find team members/work associates or more! Cool Tool! Thanks Amybeth!