Check out this website – Jim Stroud

Good Tuesday Morning!

Jim Stroud has put up some free resume sites that I sent him. Go over and check out his website! He runs a very entertaining yet informative blog. There is plethora of information he provides in his sourcing tools to his recruiters lounge podcasts. His comics will bring smiles to many researchers and recruiters as they may relate to some of situations we encounter in our daily work.

Thanks Jim! Your blog is an outstanding resource that other researchers and recruiters can check out to take their game to higher levels. I can’t recommend him enough! If you haven’t visited his site before, take action now and visit

To All my readers – Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings!!


P.S. I may be in a couple recruiters lounge podcasts l believe like Live at the Sourcecon 2007 part II.


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2 Responses to “Check out this website – Jim Stroud”

  1. recpro Says:

    I would also recommend the same all you recruiter working or aspirng, visit jim stroud’s web blog, the information he shares here is very beneficial, simplified and updated..


    Abhinav Mishra
    I am a learner.

  2. Yaz Okulu Says:

    does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

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