Semantic Searching

While most of us use Yahoo or Google for our standard searches; The future will be changing. Semantic search is on the rise as it allows us to just type in a question we would ask naturally. We would then get (mostly) relevant type results we would want. There are a few semantic search engines. A couple I’ve been currently using and tried is Hakia and Powerset. These both might be something to check out and watch as more people use this type of next generation search technology. I personally need to invest and spend more time in Powerlabs as I believe they have great ideas and always looking for feedback to improve and make powerset better! I would also like to mention I had an opportunity to meet and listen to Dave Copps at Sourcecon who gave a very entertaining presentation on his pure discovery intelligent search engine he’s developing. Exciting times for all of internet search geeks ahead! Speaking of Sourcecon, I heard there is a newsletter in the works and needs a name. Go over and visit Moises Lopez at SourcingCorner and also visit Amybethhale website for more info!

Wishing All my readers the very best in everything you accomplish and do!!!
All The Best!!!
dharris {at} verisign dot com
Sourcer/Talent Researcher

P.S. If any of my readers have additional websites or notes particular on semantic and intelligent searching, Please feel free to comment or ping me. All The Best!


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