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LinkedIn and Emails

January 30, 2008

Hello Everyone! I am inundated with so many emails and linkedin requests from being featured on SixDegreesFromDave

Please be patient as I go through my emails.  I truly am appreciative of all the good will comments and support, not to mention attention (wow!) I’ve been receiving! 🙂

LinkedIn and Emails seem to be a daily part of most, if not all recruiters/sourcers lives. Reading and responding is also important in our relationships. I just want to acknowledge everyone that has been emailing me. I do have a lot of personal emails I still need to answer and ask for just a little patience as I’m going through my personal email account!

All The Best!



I’m featured on SixDegreesFromDave

January 29, 2008

Hello Readers!

I am featured on Dave Mendoza award winning Overall HR Blog of the Year – sixdegreesfromdave

Check it Out!

Your Vote Please for a Newsletter! Sourcecon – The Source Newsletter

January 10, 2008

I received an email from Amybeth letting me know that it is down to six names that will be considered for the sourcecon newsletter. I personally think calling the Sourcecon Newsletter – The Source is kinda catchy 😉

SourceCon Newsletter Name Contest – please click to vote!

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