A tool I use to find people, zip codes, area codes and more

Here is a tool I love to use to help me find people, zip codes, area codes and more.


Click on the LookUps.

This website quickly allows me to access lots of different information. In particular, I use this tool to sometimes help me find people, zip codes and area codes; along with some of it other amazing features. Go to the lookup tab to find all these features I’ve mentioned.

This is a free people search; free people finder to zip code or zip codes lookup (besides zipmath; which I also like sometimes). Just type in the name of a place for example under the zip/city/phone link and see the zip and area code(s).

Happy Friday and Wishing Everyone a Great Weekend!

Gun Hay Fat Choy! to all my Chinese friends/families I know!



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5 Responses to “A tool I use to find people, zip codes, area codes and more”

  1. Moises Says:

    Hey Dan,

    I have been using mellissadata for lookups for at least a couple of years, It is a great site. Another one I would recommend would be http://www.city-data.com/ it is full of resources for us internet researchers.

    Great post.

  2. Glenn Gutmacher Says:

    Melissa DATA is a great idea, except if you’re advocating useful free tools, the zipcodes in a radius and area codes in a radius are bad examples to point to. If you register for the free Melissa account, you can only search values in a maximum 5 mile radius. Also limited on number of lookups per day. No such limits when you use ZipMath.com’s free search tools. If my company will pay $290/year (the level where you can do 40 mile radius searches — still less than what ZipMath allows for free), then maybe it’s worthwhile, since there are so many types of searches listed in one place at https://www.melissadata.com/lookups/zipradius.asp though most can be found for free elsewhere, and you can make your own list of links.

  3. Marcus Says:

    Another neat ZIP code demographics site is ZipWho.com ( http://zipwho.com ). You can search by demographics in addition to the standard ZIP code search.

  4. Willie Says:

    zipwho.com is a great site. I also use http://www.freeandinstantsearch.com. It totally easy and you can get all the basic info on someone without paying.

  5. Mviner Says:

    I’m using Zipry area code finder

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