A New Way to Look at Resumes

The web just keeps getting better and more interactive with us in technology. Here is a site I think is an extremely cool idea that can really take off for both professionals and companies looking to hire the right talent.Visualcv may replace the traditional way we all view resumes. With Visualcv you can create an online career portfolio/bio that can be really engaging with the recruiters or sourcers at companies screening for your talent and experience. Sometimes our resumes on paper don’t accurately reflect enough of us and who we are. With Visualcv you can create that online presence that may show a little more personality and passion of who you are and what you’ve accomplished or will. I think this is a great idea created by the founders Phillip Merrick and Clint Heiden.

I had the great fortune & opportunity to chat briefly a few times with Phillip Merrick this Friday before the launch on Monday. Phillip was the Chairman & CEO of Webmethods. He communicated to me that he saw a need and envisioned a site that really interacts and shows your resume off to prospective companies, utilizing the web versus a standard traditional resume which most/all recruiters view on a daily basis.

I could see this Visualcv being a particularly useful site to companies and recruiters alike because it could save time for really screening and seeing personality/accomplishments of an individual. From the high level management positions down to a customer service representative this site could save interview time and more. I believe this site can greatly help individuals, as well as companies, make the right cultural to hiring talent decisions.

Here is a quick look at my resume.


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  1. Jack Johnson Says:

    Another similar site in that space:


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