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Hanging out in San Diego at ERE!

March 31, 2008

Hello Everyone! I’m traveling again! Yesterday I met up with the Great Glenn Gutmacher, Russ Moon, Tim O’Connor, and Shally Steckerl. We have a pre-conference sourcing session we will be presenting to the crowd at this ERE Expo here in beautiful San Diego.

This is my first ERE event and I am pumped up, super excited to hang out, network and meet lots of new HR/recruiting professionals. Hope to see you there!


Just a Quick Note!

March 18, 2008

Hello Everyone! Just a quick note that my linkedin inmail box has almost 400 messages (invites, messages, etc) – I’m still trying to play catch up!!! Also, I still am about 2 weeks behind within my own personal yahoo email account!!!! Oh my gosh! PLEASE, if you have an important message I haven’t gotten to yet (which I know most I haven’t touched or seen) or need to reach me more immediately please email me to my work email at – I will respond within 24 hours or call me. Look at my visualcv resume for my personal cell# (a few posts ago)
Ok, on to sourcing tool today I’m looking at: Searchme is a website that allows you to visually see and preview webpages on a particular search or in categories. You can type in a person’s name for example and see maybe their webpage, to comments on sites they made, to other pages where they are maybe quoted or found. While its still trying to index the billions of pages on the internet, I find this tool visually interesting. (A quick note that this website is currently still in beta and will require you to register and ask for an invite)

Sunday night and still trying to go through all my emails. Let’s MeetUp instead!

March 16, 2008

Hello All!

It is Sunday evening and I’ve been trying to play catch-up on my yahoo personal email account this weekend. I never realized how traveling, work, events, to just things happening in life can let all the emails build up pretty quickly when you don’t check it and clean through them instantly. I have tons of email I’m still trying to sort through, mainly a lot of spam…so if any of my readers can suggest a great spam filtering tool I would appreciate it.

Ok, so I created this blog to share about sourcing and not about spam. So here is the website that may help some bay area recruiters find passive talent within associations and groups. Meetup is another popular website to utilize and find passive talent through common interests. Try typing in a particular skill set and see what local meetup group you might connect and network with. I personally love hitting up groups to associations that yield me the best passive talent or point me in the right direction.