A new cv/resume search engine

Here is a beta website called CVfox that could help you find not only online bios on linkedin, but online resumes too.

CVfox was created by Donatello Tomasso. I believe he recently launched this beta a month ago for the public & professional recruiters.

CVfox does three types of searches – body search, title search, and x-ray search. It first defaults to doing an x-ray search first for bios/resumes. So you can or may even refine your search by then clicking body or title by hitting the refinement tabs after you’ve run your initial search.

Try it out and see if you like it.


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2 Responses to “A new cv/resume search engine”

  1. finding-people Says:

    Donatello Tomasso has built an entire portal now with a ton of resources for finding people.


    There are now dozens of search engines for doing all kinds of things, like spoofing emails, uncovering someone’s maiden/married name, X-Ray searches of popular sites, university searches as well as a lot of tips on how to find people.

    The email spoofing tool is pretty neat. You can enter a company and it will find you dozens of emails at that company. You can sometimes find the person you are looking for, or you can also see how their emails are structured so that you can better guess at someone’s address.

  2. finding-people Says:

    Sorry, forgot to give you the link for the email spoofing and discovery tool:


    That is the URL for the search tool. If you enter a company and its extension, say: pfizer.com , you will get pages of results, even if they tried to hide their emails by using a protocol such as john.smith(at)pfizer.com (leave out the WWW.) The best results usually begin at the second or third results page.

    Try it out. I’ve found people at top companies like this in a heartbeat – it has saved me a lot of time and aggravation!

    For some instructions on email ‘spoofing’ you can see a short overview here:

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