Jigsaw is one of my Favorite Tools

One of my favorite tools is giving away free company data! You heard that right – Free! Today on June 4th Jigsaw is declaring their Data Independence Day. Its an open data initiative that now company data is FREE and accessible to all. I think the founding fathers of Jigsaw – Jim Fowler and Garth Moulton are doing it right.

Per their words: Now you can download millions of company records – all for free! Every record, includes an address, industry, revenue, and number of employees. Say Goodbye to the old companies that charge you for this data – the data dinosaurs – and experience the next revolution in data.

I encourage other researchers and sourcers to check out jigsaw (if you haven’t already)!


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One Response to “Jigsaw is one of my Favorite Tools”

  1. Mark J. Feldman Says:

    I would also suggest checking out our site — NetProspex — a new contender in this space. http://www.netprospex.com.

    While Jigsaw has built a large database, we feel we have addressed an important issue that Jigsaw users have struggled with, notably quality. Instead of asking the users to maintain quality, we take on that responsibility ourselves.

    Our users also can upload data for credit, but we don’t ask them to spend time cleaning up our data.

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