A New Year – 2009

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday time off.  We can all look forward to making 2009 great for us.  Amid all the negative news, layoffs, economic uncertainty, now is is a good time (as any) to challenge ourselves learning and growing.  I’ve been meaning to share a couple books I’ve recently read and would highly recommend.

Finding Heroes is a great book by Larry Dillon.  I had the privilege of working alongside during a portion of his time while at NetApp.  This book uncovers what questions to ask, but also help you differentiate and find the best candidates.   If you learn what questions to ask, training your eyes (via screening resumes correctly), and ears (listening/understanding their answers) to uncovering the best – You will find companies wanting your talent.  It should be used anytime as a desk-side reference for any recruiter to hiring manager.

The other book while not exactly recruiting related can help you in virtually all areas of your life.  The book is 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class by Steve Siebold.   He outlines what actions, habits, performance, and philosophies to have within your thought process that will make you a focused champion in whatever you decide you want in life.

Lastly, I want to plug Shally Steckerl’s jobmachine training.  I was fortunate enough to take one of his 1-on-1 web/phone trainings in 2005.  His methods, processes, and techniques for uncovering talent on the web are absolutely one of the best! He can help you or your team have a solid understanding of internet sourcing and uncovering the talent on the world wide web.  His trainings truly can take you/your team to the next level.


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