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A Great Tool to save you time!

March 16, 2009

What is our most valuable asset? Yes, our time! How many of us have experienced that early morning call-back when our computer or laptop hasn’t booted up just yet? How many of us have that old slowing computer that takes like an hour to start up after you’ve had your cup of coffee!

Here is a tool that can save many busy sourcers/recruiters time.   Presto is available now in Beta starting today! Its a Free download.   [Taken from the website] Presto can help start up your productivity in seconds, allowing you to instantly start to email, chat, Skype, instant message, surf the internet, download apps – before Windows XP or Vista even boots.  You can also listen to music  and watch videos to viewing and editing documents created in Microsoft Office.

Here’s a video showing Presto: