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Dan Harris New Cheat Sheet 12-1-2011

December 2, 2011

Dan’s New Cheat Sheet:

[My hope is maybe you find a tool or even get an idea or two you like and can use – Best Dan]   – Its like another Jigsaw type database    – This is for finding people DEEP WITHIN Webpages [I’m liking how they show the person’s Facebook ID#   -example Fred Bitter Facebook id#1472050633, interesting..more to follow here’s some other facebook search tools you’ll probably find more relevant though:

Some Facebook Searching tools: , , , , , , &

Also try  to find people (check out the advanced people searching features)  – Search Google+ Profiles  -has over 300k resumes [Free searchable resume database]   – Find RSS Feeds (so you can find others…look at who comments on their pages) .   – searches over 900 top social networks  – finds free & recorded webinars, find and network with others LIVE thru these on a topic you might be sourcing/recruiting for.

[Something to Watch for in Future]  – VERY Cool, Smart Human Defined type search [and then sortpage finder to find other pages like you’ve found]

Some Cool Add-Ons

Enhance your web browser with Boounce  –  – it’s a search ADD-ON that easily allows you to bounce between search engines when you doing searches

Recawl – search the content of past site pages you’ve visited

Want to get rid of the same sites that are sample resumes, job listings, or spam like vs just good resumes results – Blacklist them with this Chrome ext – Search Engine Blacklist (so they won’t show up in your searches)