Dan Harris New Cheat Sheet 12-1-2011

Dan’s New Cheat Sheet:

[My hope is maybe you find a tool or even get an idea or two you like and can use – Best Dan]

www.leadferret.com   – Its like another Jigsaw type database

http://ppldig.com/    – This is for finding people DEEP WITHIN Webpages [I’m liking how they show the person’s Facebook ID#   -example Fred Bitter Facebook id#1472050633, interesting..more to follow here’s some other facebook search tools you’ll probably find more relevant though:

Some Facebook Searching tools:  www.kurrently.com , www.Foupas.com , www.Identified.com , www.Branchout.com , http://youropenbook.org , www.facetofind.com , & apps.facebook.com/advancedsearch

Also try www.yatedo.com  to find people (check out the advanced people searching features)

http://www.findpeopleonplus.com/  – Search Google+ Profiles

http://www.gigumes.com/search  -has over 300k resumes [Free searchable resume database]

http://ctrlq.org   – Find RSS Feeds (so you can find others…look at who comments on their pages) .

www.amzini.com   – searches over 900 top social networks

www.peelon.com  – finds free & recorded webinars, find and network with others LIVE thru these on a topic you might be sourcing/recruiting for.

[Something to Watch for in Future] www.sortpage.com  – VERY Cool, Smart Human Defined type search [and then sortpage finder to find other pages like you’ve found]

Some Cool Add-Ons

Enhance your web browser with Boounce  –    www.boounce.com  – it’s a search ADD-ON that easily allows you to bounce between search engines when you doing searches

Recawl – search the content of past site pages you’ve visited https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search?q=recawl

Want to get rid of the same sites that are sample resumes, job listings, or spam like vs just good resumes results – Blacklist them with this Chrome ext – Search Engine Blacklist (so they won’t show up in your searches)   https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jiicbcimbjppjbckmoknagndlhjbeohb?hl=en-US&utm_source=chrome-ntp


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