My Sourcecon Lab 2012 Presentation – in Dallas

My Sourcecon Lab Presentation 2012 – in Dallas

Here’s what I covered in my 1st Presentation:

*I started off with  (shows you close/other great sites – helps you uncover additional targets or to sites which may lead you to discovering where more of that particular talent could be on.  Personally I think its better than related:google as  bottom section also contains websites that have similar keyword density)

*Plugged in (which shows you conferences from all over the world)

*Check out [over 10M contacts] in addition to [Over 30M contacts] to help you uncover Names, Titles, Companies, Phones & Emails.

*Another great tool I use to help me reach out is (Free download, ad supported, limited to 10 searches a month) – to find those hidden offices of companies not listed listed on their Contact Us/Offices page of companies.  I’ve found those small engineering offices to those presales/field sales solo folks.

*Try out/Use and leverage the Free community edition within zoominfo to tap leads.  Additionally zoominfo is a great tool to help you find info about a company to also finding similar companies.

*I have a phone cheat sheet available in which I show you how to get into the Dial-by-name system of any phone system; Email me at and put “Phone Sourcing Cheat Sheet Please” in the subject line.

*How about some free resume boards: (over 1M resumes, Free, but limited to about 40 resumes a day)  (over 300k free resumes)

*And you can also check out sites like and to help you uncover additional social sites and find bios/resumes.

*Find Email Formats with and

*You can Test Emails with typical email patterns with: [Didn’t cover, but great additional tool to uncover email they used to register their LI profile with]

*For Telephone number identification: (validates a phone number to make sure it’s legit)

*Check out my blog for additional sourcing tips & tricks at   Thanks!

What I didn’t/haven’t covered in the session

*A Multi-Search Engine

*With our Presidential Election coming up – check out who’s giving as they must register with their name/title/company with:



9/26/2012 DH 4:23pm


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