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Helping fellow researchers, sourcers, and recruiters

September 14, 2008

Hello All.  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer! I’ve been heads down busy working at NetApp as we’re actively growing and adding talent to our company.

Speaking of talent…Our economy has been challenging lately to a number of displaced researchers, sourcers, and recruiters being let go as companies scale back in recruiting and HR departments to balance and survive.

I have a solution to all the emails I’ve been getting! Well, truthfully from a great friend and one I highly admire for making this – none other than the magnificent Jim Stroud.

Jim has created a free resource for HR talent to find those hidden opportunities which may lead you to your dream job.  Click Below!

[Note: This blog is of my own personal opinion and may/may not be of reflective of the views of NetApp]


Pick up something new in sourcing

April 25, 2008

A friend, Searchologist, trainer, blogger, and all-around nice guy Jim Stroud has something free to give away to all fellow HR staffing professionals. Check it out and pick up something new to help you find passive talent out there on the web!

Per his words…

With my new book – Resume Forensics, you will learn:

* How to search Google for free resumes
* How to search Yahoo for free resumes
* How to search Live for free resumes
* How to find additional keywords for your resume searches
* How to create search strings that work on Google, Yahoo and Live
* How to take a job description and create multiple search strings from it. (As an example, I take one job description and create 56 pages of search strings from it.)
* How to automate your resume searches so you can (literally) source resumes while you sleep.

If you would like to get a free copy of it, go to this link below for details:

(It will redirect to you my blog where you will find more instructions.)

Been out of Town

February 25, 2008

Hello all! I wanted to let everyone know I’ve been out of town and noticed I have a lot of linkedin invites pending. Please be patient and I will respond to each email and message soon.

Speaking of heading out of town…I will be at the HR Recruiting Roadshow in Las Vegas this Wednesday! Hope to see some of you there!

I’m featured on SixDegreesFromDave

January 29, 2008

Hello Readers!

I am featured on Dave Mendoza award winning Overall HR Blog of the Year – sixdegreesfromdave

Check it Out!

Your Vote Please for a Newsletter! Sourcecon – The Source Newsletter

January 10, 2008

I received an email from Amybeth letting me know that it is down to six names that will be considered for the sourcecon newsletter. I personally think calling the Sourcecon Newsletter – The Source is kinda catchy 😉

SourceCon Newsletter Name Contest – please click to vote!

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Having the inside track

October 8, 2007
I like this linksv site just as much as hoovers as it gives good stuff on Silicon Valley based companies. Type in Symantec (one of our competitors, for example) and you can see its partners, customers, investors, even companies its acquired!! Additionally, you can see rounds of financing, its mgmt, its financials, its news/press releases and more. It even has a link to find people within the company on linkedin ( ,on jigsaw (, and check out the visual groupscope map. I’ve liked this site since its been in beta way back in early 2005. I think its very cool- check it out!

Speaking of checking things out in beta….A quick extra bonus I would like to share on getting beta invites to those new web 2.0 startup websites (from search engines to those cool new social networking sites? One of my secrets has been using inviteshare (

Until Next Time…Wishing all my readers the very best in everything you accomplish and do!!!!!



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