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Dan Harris New Cheat Sheet 12-1-2011

December 2, 2011

Dan’s New Cheat Sheet:

[My hope is maybe you find a tool or even get an idea or two you like and can use – Best Dan]   – Its like another Jigsaw type database    – This is for finding people DEEP WITHIN Webpages [I’m liking how they show the person’s Facebook ID#   -example Fred Bitter Facebook id#1472050633, interesting..more to follow here’s some other facebook search tools you’ll probably find more relevant though:

Some Facebook Searching tools: , , , , , , &

Also try  to find people (check out the advanced people searching features)  – Search Google+ Profiles  -has over 300k resumes [Free searchable resume database]   – Find RSS Feeds (so you can find others…look at who comments on their pages) .   – searches over 900 top social networks  – finds free & recorded webinars, find and network with others LIVE thru these on a topic you might be sourcing/recruiting for.

[Something to Watch for in Future]  – VERY Cool, Smart Human Defined type search [and then sortpage finder to find other pages like you’ve found]

Some Cool Add-Ons

Enhance your web browser with Boounce  –  – it’s a search ADD-ON that easily allows you to bounce between search engines when you doing searches

Recawl – search the content of past site pages you’ve visited

Want to get rid of the same sites that are sample resumes, job listings, or spam like vs just good resumes results – Blacklist them with this Chrome ext – Search Engine Blacklist (so they won’t show up in your searches)


It’s all about developing relationships!

June 29, 2010

Go check out my new Arbita blog posting on “It’s all about developing relationships!”

Here’s a snippet:

We sourcers/recruiters live in a busy world everyday where calls, messages, and emails make up a majority of the communication while we work at our desk. Our work I believe also involves getting out there and developing relationships be it at an activity, event, symposium, or even a conference.

These are great places to meet potential candidates, but also find industry contacts that become invaluable resources in guiding our search.

Here’s a few useful websites I use to help me…

Note:  I’ve previously posted  a couple other great sourcing websites/tools also on the blog – I invite you to take a look!

A great low costing tool – Technames

August 1, 2009

To be successful you need to use and have the right tools that will assist you in tapping into the best talent.  Technames is a great online tool you can use to help you find and network with the top talent.  Identifying specific talent can be one of the biggest challenges we face as we go about our search for the finest.  Technames is a great low costing tool you may consider trying and using.  Check it out!

Getting in touch with your female side!

June 10, 2009

I’m always on the quest to find the very Best – The Leaders within a certain sector or industry.  Typically one way to locate the best are finding speakers.  Geekspeakr is currently a small growing beta website of technical woman speakers.  The goal of this website is to introduce more women to event organisers since female gender diversity can be a lot more difficult to find within a mostly male dominated industry for technical speaking conferences, workshops, organizations, etc.    You can search for technical women by topics, location, or even by spoken language.

I hope this website grows and gets more visability.   Kudos to my manager Marisela Flores for showing me this website.

A Great Tool to save you time!

March 16, 2009

What is our most valuable asset? Yes, our time! How many of us have experienced that early morning call-back when our computer or laptop hasn’t booted up just yet? How many of us have that old slowing computer that takes like an hour to start up after you’ve had your cup of coffee!

Here is a tool that can save many busy sourcers/recruiters time.   Presto is available now in Beta starting today! Its a Free download.   [Taken from the website] Presto can help start up your productivity in seconds, allowing you to instantly start to email, chat, Skype, instant message, surf the internet, download apps – before Windows XP or Vista even boots.  You can also listen to music  and watch videos to viewing and editing documents created in Microsoft Office.

Here’s a video showing Presto:

Asking a little Thanksgiving help from Recruiters

November 26, 2008

Hello All and Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!

I would like to ask a quick question to recruiters and it should take no more than 20-30 seconds unless you are indecisive 😉

Check out my question here

Wishing all of my readers the very best and enjoyable holidays!


Checking out Usernames! People-Finding and Research

September 28, 2008

I love finding talent in many different ways.  Here’s another web tool I found last week and been playing with.  Userrnamecheck is interesting in that it goes through many common social sites and searches for a particular handle or username.  I like it because through this I can do a lot of research quickly and easy on someone I’m targeting, or better yet find more information or other talent – coworkers/friends/or a forum board to links they and similar others maybe active on 😉

This might be most similar to an internet site such as Spokeo.  There is another online web tool that comes to my mind also that searches boards, conversations, and forums.  Cocomment searches for and tracks comments or postings within websites and forums.  I first found out about Cocomment last year at the Techcrunch 9 August Capital party where I met the owner and found out he is an avid motorcyclist too 😉

[Note: I noticed while Usernamecheck isn’t perfect all the time, it has on several occasions for me thus far uncovered good free competitive intelligence to information on talent.  An example of how I used it last week would be that I was curious about discovering more information on Gov. Sarah Palin so I typed in gov.sarah (and possible alternatives such as or gov.palin and more) into the username field box at the top.  I then searched and saw what results and possible common social sites she may have an account or presence on.  So…a common handle I usually use is people’s first part of a person’s email as usually most people keep their same patterns or shorten versions of it. The “handle” I mentioned could also be as a blog, website or something they go by like researchgoddess, recruitinganimal, or idonato.]

Hope this may help give you additional insight into talent and/or lead you to discovering others!

All The Best!

On a side note I will be at a luncheon from Noon-1:30pm at Birk’s restaurant in Santa Clara on Wednesday, October 8th to learn and see more about JobFox.  JobFox is hosting this FREE luncheon! To learn more about JobFox and grab a possible free lunch on them at Farallon, Birk’s or Zibibbo next week in the bay area please e-mail for more information/reserve a free seat!

Another online people search engine – Whozat?

July 7, 2008

Here’s another online people search engine I’ve been playing with lately. While I admit I do like Spokeo to help me research and find out more about people, Whozat is another people finder engine I am checking out and playing with.

I use these to help me piece together clues about the talent I am researching to helping me connect friends, peers, and coworkers of theirs also 😉

A Free Favorite Resume board

June 19, 2008

One of my favorites & is a free resume board is turning into a pay subscription model. So you may want to consider using this site while you can. On July 9th, 2008 you will no longer be able to use Gadball for free.

Here’s a hint for other researchers, sourcers & recruiters! You may see some of my other favorite free resume sites (at least 15+ more other free resume boards) I shared with Jim Stroud in the past by visiting his website and searching for my collection of links.

[Quick additional note: While some of the websites I shared with Jim are now defunct, there are still more than a few good ones on that list that may help you in your research/sourcing/recruiting efforts today!]

Jigsaw is one of my Favorite Tools

June 4, 2008

One of my favorite tools is giving away free company data! You heard that right – Free! Today on June 4th Jigsaw is declaring their Data Independence Day. Its an open data initiative that now company data is FREE and accessible to all. I think the founding fathers of Jigsaw – Jim Fowler and Garth Moulton are doing it right.

Per their words: Now you can download millions of company records – all for free! Every record, includes an address, industry, revenue, and number of employees. Say Goodbye to the old companies that charge you for this data – the data dinosaurs – and experience the next revolution in data.

I encourage other researchers and sourcers to check out jigsaw (if you haven’t already)!