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Checking out Usernames! People-Finding and Research

September 28, 2008

I love finding talent in many different ways.  Here’s another web tool I found last week and been playing with.  Userrnamecheck is interesting in that it goes through many common social sites and searches for a particular handle or username.  I like it because through this I can do a lot of research quickly and easy on someone I’m targeting, or better yet find more information or other talent – coworkers/friends/or a forum board to links they and similar others maybe active on 😉

This might be most similar to an internet site such as Spokeo.  There is another online web tool that comes to my mind also that searches boards, conversations, and forums.  Cocomment searches for and tracks comments or postings within websites and forums.  I first found out about Cocomment last year at the Techcrunch 9 August Capital party where I met the owner and found out he is an avid motorcyclist too 😉

[Note: I noticed while Usernamecheck isn’t perfect all the time, it has on several occasions for me thus far uncovered good free competitive intelligence to information on talent.  An example of how I used it last week would be that I was curious about discovering more information on Gov. Sarah Palin so I typed in gov.sarah (and possible alternatives such as or gov.palin and more) into the username field box at the top.  I then searched and saw what results and possible common social sites she may have an account or presence on.  So…a common handle I usually use is people’s first part of a person’s email as usually most people keep their same patterns or shorten versions of it. The “handle” I mentioned could also be as a blog, website or something they go by like researchgoddess, recruitinganimal, or idonato.]

Hope this may help give you additional insight into talent and/or lead you to discovering others!

All The Best!

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Pick up something new in sourcing

April 25, 2008

A friend, Searchologist, trainer, blogger, and all-around nice guy Jim Stroud has something free to give away to all fellow HR staffing professionals. Check it out and pick up something new to help you find passive talent out there on the web!

Per his words…

With my new book – Resume Forensics, you will learn:

* How to search Google for free resumes
* How to search Yahoo for free resumes
* How to search Live for free resumes
* How to find additional keywords for your resume searches
* How to create search strings that work on Google, Yahoo and Live
* How to take a job description and create multiple search strings from it. (As an example, I take one job description and create 56 pages of search strings from it.)
* How to automate your resume searches so you can (literally) source resumes while you sleep.

If you would like to get a free copy of it, go to this link below for details:

(It will redirect to you my blog where you will find more instructions.)

How do bloggers make time to blog!? Especially on Mondays!

September 24, 2007

This question might be better asked to all the active bloggers out there? How are you making time to blog? Especially on Mondays when you get back into the office and your behind already?

Well, its evening now and I’m still here at work. Its quiet as everyone has already left…except for me (insert single guy and with no life theme here).

I notice I still need to make a number of changes to this SourcingTalent blog and hope you like them as I add more categories, features, and widgets.

I don’t want to spend too much time rambling my thoughts presently and really want to make this site a valuable resource for sourcers/researchers. That said, that will be my transition to introduce a website which I believe may help you in finding talent/people.

There are several other great tools (My 3 P’s and Z’s – Peopledata, Petrieve, Pipl, zabasearch, ziggs, and zoominfo. Don’t want to forget spock and/or wink also though! Will cover these other ones later) in finding/tracking down talent out on the web. I figured this web2.0 peoplesearch site isn’t mentioned as much, but it does have over 50 million bios (hmmm really?). What I noticed about this website though is that it also has some international bios (not that we are all searching international, but maybe more or sooner than some of us expect in say Eastern Europe, China, and India as some our companies look to have a cost saving global talent workforce). While I don’t see a whole lot of great profiles at this moment, this might become a really useful new site in the future. Check it out! (Hint: maybe try playing around with tags vs names!)

(I actually gave above a number of more useful people search engines to find/identify talent – my hope is that you may find a couple of them you like and integrate those into your toolbox for sourcing!)

Until next time, All the BEST!