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Helping fellow researchers, sourcers, and recruiters

September 14, 2008

Hello All.  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer! I’ve been heads down busy working at NetApp as we’re actively growing and adding talent to our company.

Speaking of talent…Our economy has been challenging lately to a number of displaced researchers, sourcers, and recruiters being let go as companies scale back in recruiting and HR departments to balance and survive.

I have a solution to all the emails I’ve been getting! Well, truthfully from a great friend and one I highly admire for making this – none other than the magnificent Jim Stroud.

Jim has created a free resource for HR talent to find those hidden opportunities which may lead you to your dream job.  Click Below!

[Note: This blog is of my own personal opinion and may/may not be of reflective of the views of NetApp]


LinkedIn and Emails

January 30, 2008

Hello Everyone! I am inundated with so many emails and linkedin requests from being featured on SixDegreesFromDave

Please be patient as I go through my emails.  I truly am appreciative of all the good will comments and support, not to mention attention (wow!) I’ve been receiving! 🙂

LinkedIn and Emails seem to be a daily part of most, if not all recruiters/sourcers lives. Reading and responding is also important in our relationships. I just want to acknowledge everyone that has been emailing me. I do have a lot of personal emails I still need to answer and ask for just a little patience as I’m going through my personal email account!

All The Best!


Sourcing out in the Public & Wednesday is a great day for Phone Sourcing

November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! While some of us will be shopping for some online bargains, going out and meeting (or racing) other shoppers to the black Friday deals/bargains can be fun. While waiting in lines don’t be afraid to say hello and meet others. Also for some sourcers/recruiters in the retail vertical its a great way to see and meet a number of retail associates/management as they almost have the whole staff working.

While this isn’t really internet sourcing/recruiting, here is a site if your curious about seeing the advertisements before they come out.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday is a great day for phone sourcers…chat it up, listen to vm/send those emails and more!

Good Friday Afternoon! Check this post out!

September 28, 2007

Good Friday Afternoon Everyone! I am taking a late lunch break and just doing a quick update to let you all know that I have made a guest post to Moises Lopez website of

Go check it out! Its title is You’ve Got Mail.  Its about how to reach and find people via email! Hope you enjoy. Until next time….Wishing you All The Best!!! -Dan