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Checking out Usernames! People-Finding and Research

September 28, 2008

I love finding talent in many different ways.  Here’s another web tool I found last week and been playing with.  Userrnamecheck is interesting in that it goes through many common social sites and searches for a particular handle or username.  I like it because through this I can do a lot of research quickly and easy on someone I’m targeting, or better yet find more information or other talent – coworkers/friends/or a forum board to links they and similar others maybe active on 😉

This might be most similar to an internet site such as Spokeo.  There is another online web tool that comes to my mind also that searches boards, conversations, and forums.  Cocomment searches for and tracks comments or postings within websites and forums.  I first found out about Cocomment last year at the Techcrunch 9 August Capital party where I met the owner and found out he is an avid motorcyclist too 😉

[Note: I noticed while Usernamecheck isn’t perfect all the time, it has on several occasions for me thus far uncovered good free competitive intelligence to information on talent.  An example of how I used it last week would be that I was curious about discovering more information on Gov. Sarah Palin so I typed in gov.sarah (and possible alternatives such as or gov.palin and more) into the username field box at the top.  I then searched and saw what results and possible common social sites she may have an account or presence on.  So…a common handle I usually use is people’s first part of a person’s email as usually most people keep their same patterns or shorten versions of it. The “handle” I mentioned could also be as a blog, website or something they go by like researchgoddess, recruitinganimal, or idonato.]

Hope this may help give you additional insight into talent and/or lead you to discovering others!

All The Best!

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A tool I use to find people, zip codes, area codes and more

February 8, 2008

Here is a tool I love to use to help me find people, zip codes, area codes and more.

Click on the LookUps.

This website quickly allows me to access lots of different information. In particular, I use this tool to sometimes help me find people, zip codes and area codes; along with some of it other amazing features. Go to the lookup tab to find all these features I’ve mentioned.

This is a free people search; free people finder to zip code or zip codes lookup (besides zipmath; which I also like sometimes). Just type in the name of a place for example under the zip/city/phone link and see the zip and area code(s).

Happy Friday and Wishing Everyone a Great Weekend!

Gun Hay Fat Choy! to all my Chinese friends/families I know!


Check out this website – Jim Stroud

November 20, 2007

Good Tuesday Morning!

Jim Stroud has put up some free resume sites that I sent him. Go over and check out his website! He runs a very entertaining yet informative blog. There is plethora of information he provides in his sourcing tools to his recruiters lounge podcasts. His comics will bring smiles to many researchers and recruiters as they may relate to some of situations we encounter in our daily work.

Thanks Jim! Your blog is an outstanding resource that other researchers and recruiters can check out to take their game to higher levels. I can’t recommend him enough! If you haven’t visited his site before, take action now and visit

To All my readers – Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings!!


P.S. I may be in a couple recruiters lounge podcasts l believe like Live at the Sourcecon 2007 part II.

Company Intelligence (Part 1 of 2)

October 21, 2007

Here is a great informational website that I find can help you research information on companies, technology, people and more:

Explore some of the links as they may give you more insight into targeting of company, technologies, people, or even the direction that a company might be focusing on through reading articles and reports.

My next post I will include links of websites that cover company internal rumors and employee insights & perspectives  into what is going on within their respective companies.

Until next Time…Take Care and truly wishing all my readers the very best in everything you accomplish and do!!!!!

-Dan Harris


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Having the inside track

October 8, 2007
I like this linksv site just as much as hoovers as it gives good stuff on Silicon Valley based companies. Type in Symantec (one of our competitors, for example) and you can see its partners, customers, investors, even companies its acquired!! Additionally, you can see rounds of financing, its mgmt, its financials, its news/press releases and more. It even has a link to find people within the company on linkedin ( ,on jigsaw (, and check out the visual groupscope map. I’ve liked this site since its been in beta way back in early 2005. I think its very cool- check it out!

Speaking of checking things out in beta….A quick extra bonus I would like to share on getting beta invites to those new web 2.0 startup websites (from search engines to those cool new social networking sites? One of my secrets has been using inviteshare (

Until Next Time…Wishing all my readers the very best in everything you accomplish and do!!!!!



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Bookmark this for Competitive Intelligence to Company Targeting & Researching

September 25, 2007

Classify this under Competitive Intelligence and Company Targeting & Research.

I like the easy layout and particularly the subdomains listed.  Other experienced Sourcers will know what to do (or should I say we can do) with this information…

Type in your public company….and see what results you get!

Already midnight and I was able to only spent 5 minutes playing Halo 3 with my roommate.  I’m tired and wish everyone a Good Night!

All The BEST!!!