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Please join me at the Silicon Valley Recruiting Roadshow

October 15, 2008

The RecruitingRoadshow is coming to the bay area.  This is a FREE event to attend! I will be participating on the sourcing panel and would love the opportunity to network and meet you in person!

Here are the details:

Thursday, October 23, 2008
9:00am to 2:00pm
Silicon Valley Recruiting Roadshow
Adobe Systems – Park Conference Room
321 Park Ave., San Jose, CA, 95110

Register by visiting

The Recruiting Roadshow is a half day of networking and professional education for recruiters.

Learn more at
Registration begins at 8:00am. The event starts at 9:00am. Presentations are finished at 1:00pm. Lunch begins at 1pm.

The presentations begin with “Spiky and Flat: Why Local Recruiting is Critical in a Flat World”. John Sumser, Founder and CEO of the Recruiting Roadshow, describes critical changes in the Labor Market that offset the trend towards a flat world. The material is a logical follow-on to last year’s Multi-generational Recruiting presentation.

A panel of Silicon Valley’s greatest Sourcers will gather to discuss their best practices and trade secrets. Featuring Dan Harris, Chris Murdock and Mark Tortorici, the panel will field detailed questions and provide useful documentation.

Nicole St Martin makes her living using Search Engine Optimization techniques to fuel Recruiting initiatives. Her talk will cover the ins and outs of SEO for Recruiters.

The final piece of the puzzle is an offering from Don Ramer, CEO of Arbita. Don’s breathtaking presentation, Recruiting as if People Mattered has been the high point of the Roadshow over the past year.

We’d love to have you join us. Register by visiting:


Just a Quick Note!

March 18, 2008

Hello Everyone! Just a quick note that my linkedin inmail box has almost 400 messages (invites, messages, etc) – I’m still trying to play catch up!!! Also, I still am about 2 weeks behind within my own personal yahoo email account!!!! Oh my gosh! PLEASE, if you have an important message I haven’t gotten to yet (which I know most I haven’t touched or seen) or need to reach me more immediately please email me to my work email at – I will respond within 24 hours or call me. Look at my visualcv resume for my personal cell# (a few posts ago)
Ok, on to sourcing tool today I’m looking at: Searchme is a website that allows you to visually see and preview webpages on a particular search or in categories. You can type in a person’s name for example and see maybe their webpage, to comments on sites they made, to other pages where they are maybe quoted or found. While its still trying to index the billions of pages on the internet, I find this tool visually interesting. (A quick note that this website is currently still in beta and will require you to register and ask for an invite)

Sourcing out in the Public & Wednesday is a great day for Phone Sourcing

November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! While some of us will be shopping for some online bargains, going out and meeting (or racing) other shoppers to the black Friday deals/bargains can be fun. While waiting in lines don’t be afraid to say hello and meet others. Also for some sourcers/recruiters in the retail vertical its a great way to see and meet a number of retail associates/management as they almost have the whole staff working.

While this isn’t really internet sourcing/recruiting, here is a site if your curious about seeing the advertisements before they come out.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday is a great day for phone sourcers…chat it up, listen to vm/send those emails and more!

Check out this website – Jim Stroud

November 20, 2007

Good Tuesday Morning!

Jim Stroud has put up some free resume sites that I sent him. Go over and check out his website! He runs a very entertaining yet informative blog. There is plethora of information he provides in his sourcing tools to his recruiters lounge podcasts. His comics will bring smiles to many researchers and recruiters as they may relate to some of situations we encounter in our daily work.

Thanks Jim! Your blog is an outstanding resource that other researchers and recruiters can check out to take their game to higher levels. I can’t recommend him enough! If you haven’t visited his site before, take action now and visit

To All my readers – Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings!!


P.S. I may be in a couple recruiters lounge podcasts l believe like Live at the Sourcecon 2007 part II.

How do bloggers make time to blog!? Especially on Mondays!

September 24, 2007

This question might be better asked to all the active bloggers out there? How are you making time to blog? Especially on Mondays when you get back into the office and your behind already?

Well, its evening now and I’m still here at work. Its quiet as everyone has already left…except for me (insert single guy and with no life theme here).

I notice I still need to make a number of changes to this SourcingTalent blog and hope you like them as I add more categories, features, and widgets.

I don’t want to spend too much time rambling my thoughts presently and really want to make this site a valuable resource for sourcers/researchers. That said, that will be my transition to introduce a website which I believe may help you in finding talent/people.

There are several other great tools (My 3 P’s and Z’s – Peopledata, Petrieve, Pipl, zabasearch, ziggs, and zoominfo. Don’t want to forget spock and/or wink also though! Will cover these other ones later) in finding/tracking down talent out on the web. I figured this web2.0 peoplesearch site isn’t mentioned as much, but it does have over 50 million bios (hmmm really?). What I noticed about this website though is that it also has some international bios (not that we are all searching international, but maybe more or sooner than some of us expect in say Eastern Europe, China, and India as some our companies look to have a cost saving global talent workforce). While I don’t see a whole lot of great profiles at this moment, this might become a really useful new site in the future. Check it out! (Hint: maybe try playing around with tags vs names!)

(I actually gave above a number of more useful people search engines to find/identify talent – my hope is that you may find a couple of them you like and integrate those into your toolbox for sourcing!)

Until next time, All the BEST!