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Asking a little Thanksgiving help from Recruiters

November 26, 2008

Hello All and Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!

I would like to ask a quick question to recruiters and it should take no more than 20-30 seconds unless you are indecisive 😉

Check out my question here

Wishing all of my readers the very best and enjoyable holidays!



Sourcing out in the Public & Wednesday is a great day for Phone Sourcing

November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! While some of us will be shopping for some online bargains, going out and meeting (or racing) other shoppers to the black Friday deals/bargains can be fun. While waiting in lines don’t be afraid to say hello and meet others. Also for some sourcers/recruiters in the retail vertical its a great way to see and meet a number of retail associates/management as they almost have the whole staff working.

While this isn’t really internet sourcing/recruiting, here is a site if your curious about seeing the advertisements before they come out.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday is a great day for phone sourcers…chat it up, listen to vm/send those emails and more!